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Welcome to the Tuludo Game Editor. This is where you'll be building your very own games.
To start of, you'd probably want to create some levels for your game.

  1. Click the "Levels" tab at the top to get started.
  2. Edit "Level 1".
  3. Paint the shape of your level using "Tiles" in the Toolbox.
  4. Place down interactive objects using "Objects" in the Toolbox.
  5. Add as many levels as you like.
  6. Test your game by clicking the play button in the top right.
  7. Make a snapshot of your game while playing to use as a thumbnail.
  8. Give your game a fitting title and description.
  9. Save and publish your game so that everyone can play it!

Enable advanced tools


Every game in Tuludo consist of levels. When playing, the player will start in the first level of this list. To get started click the "Edit" button of a level, this'll bring you to the Level Editor. To go back to this view from there simply click the "Levels" tab at the top.

Create new level


Used for platforms and walls.

New Empty Object

Selected multiple objects.

Level View



Game Info

Now it's time to give your game a title and description.

The title and description will let other players know what your game is about.

English only please --- Solo inglés por favor --- Только английский, пожалуйста --- krpaya keval angrejee

English only please --- Solo inglés por favor --- Только английский, пожалуйста --- krpaya keval angrejee

To keep Tuludo safe our moderators need to be able to read the text in your game. Non-English games may be unpublished by our moderators.
If you have previously made a game in a language other then English, please consider updating the game to English.
Feel free to use a translation tool to help if necessary. Happy creating!

Para mantener a Tuludo seguro, nuestros moderadores deben poder leer el texto de tu juego. Nuestros moderadores pueden anular la publicación de juegos que no estén en inglés.
Si anteriormente has creado un juego en un idioma distinto al inglés, considera actualizar el juego al inglés.
No dudes en utilizar una herramienta de traducción para ayudarte si es necesario. ¡Feliz creación!

Чтобы обеспечить безопасность Тулудо, наши модераторы должны иметь возможность читать текст в вашей игре. Неанглоязычные игры могут быть отменены нашими модераторами.
Если вы ранее создавали игру на языке, отличном от английского, рассмотрите возможность обновления игры на английский язык.
Не стесняйтесь использовать инструмент перевода, чтобы помочь в случае необходимости. Приятного творчества!

tuludo ko surakshit rakhane ke lie hamaare modaretar ko aapake gem mein tekst padhane mein saksham hona chaahie. gair-angrezee gem hamaare modaretar dvaara aprakaashit kie ja sakate hain.
yadi aapane pahale angrejee ke alaava kisee any bhaasha mein gem banaaya hai to krpaya gem ko angrejee mein apadet karane par vichaar karen.
yadi aavashyak ho to madad ke lie bejhijhak anuvaad tool ka upayog karen. srjan mein shubhakaamanaen!


Is your game ready for the public?

Make sure that your game is completely finished before you release your game.

You can also save your game in the top right corner if you'd like to finish your game in the future.

  1. Test your game to make sure that it works.
  2. Make a snapshot of your game.
  3. Set a fitting title and description.

You can release your game if you're sure that everything is finished and ready to go!

Release to the public