Tuludo in bullet points

  • Online game creator
  • Web based, meaning that Tuludo is available to everyone for free.
  • Create your own games using an easy to understand game creator.
  • Not focused around learning to program, meaning that everyone can start creating without limitations.
  • Covers all aspects of game development in a fun way. Creativity, community, marketing and logic.
  • Release games to the public and share them with your friends.
  • Play hundreds of games made by others.


Tuludo is an online game creator and platform available to everyone who owns a device that can browse the web. We want to bring the magic of game development to everyone. Create the most amazing games and play hundreds of games made by people like you and me.


Our goal is to inspire people and to give people a place to create games without all the hard things that come with game development. We want to create a fun place for people to create games rather then an educational, programming focused experience.

The team

We are a team of three ambitious computer-science students with experience in both game development and web development.

Tuludo originally started as a graduation project, we finished the project with success and the reactions to the final product were suprisingly good. But, since it was our graduation project we couldn't quite make it how we really wanted it to be. And that's why we decided to start all over again and take it to a whole new level.