Terms of Service

You are not allowed to use Tuludo if you're under 13 years old. This is due to the children's online privacy protection act (COPPA) and our disability to spend the time and money necessary to allow users under the age of 13 to use Tuludo.

Content Guidelines

Tuludo allows you to publish customized content to the general public. You must make certain that your submitted content is decent, appropriate for a general audience, and does not break any national or international laws.

Users must not submit content containing any personal information for their own safety. Inappropriate language and/or content is not allowed on this website. We take no responsibility for the content that is submitted to Tuludo by our users. We'll do our best to take the necessary actions against content that doesn't abide these rules.

Customized content, submitted content, user content and content all refer to any content that is submitted by using applications on this site. This includes games, game levels, game data, writings, messages and comments.


Tuludo.com retains ownership of the game engine and all source code, graphics, artwork, ideas and concepts presented on this site. Games created by users remain property of Tuludo.com.


Under no circumstances is Tuludo liable to what any user does on this service.